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Our ‘one-team’ way of working with consultancies delivers better value and outcomes than more traditional approaches to recruitment.

Our embedded RPO solution places agility at the heart of your talent acquisition operating model.  


We enable our clients to seamlessly manage peaks and troughs in hiring demand. We provide 'on demand' talent acquisition capacity at exactly the point in time that it is needed. We work fully embedded, alongside your internal recruitment team, allowing you to turn talent acquisition up or down, or on or off to meet the needs of your business.

Not being able to respond to client demands or take advantage of growth opportunities are common frustrations for consultancy leaders. It’s a nice problem to have, but for ambitious consultancies who want to scale, it’s still a problem. 

Our best-of-both-worlds approach helps you deliver quality hires while dealing with rapid changes to hiring demand, all without incurring additional employment liability or the cost associated with 3rd contingency hiring. 


Our Agile RPO solution delivers a cost saving of between 50-75% (or 2-4 times the ROI) when compared to more traditional contingency agency hiring models.


"If you are looking for more than an agency to send you CVs, and more than a firm to map the market then you need to call Sam at Alvarium. What you get is an augmented solution that adds value and insight, that supports the TA team and profession from the inside out, and most of all, you get to build your network and in-house credibility by working with such a great team."

Global Co-Lead, Talent Acquisition, AlixPartners

What is Agile RPO?

Agile RPO is a modern, fully embedded recruitment model ideally suited to meet the changing needs of a growing consulting or IT services business. We integrate a team of in-house talent acquisition experts into your existing setup, enhancing your recruitment capability while providing additional capacity. Our 'on-demand' embedded talent teams allow you to navigate hiring demands efficiently, ensuring optimal recruitment spending. 

Business Understanding:

As integral parts of your consulting organisation, our Talent Acquisition Partners and sourcing teams gain deep insights into your business, culture, and strategic direction. This knowledge enables us to pinpoint and attract the best talent for your consultancy.

Return on Investment: 

Our Agile RPO solution typically delivers 2-4x the ROI compared to traditional recruitment models such as agency recruitment and retained search. 

Reduced Agency Dependence: 

We focus on establishing recruitment capabilities for our clients that deliver long-term value. We aim to fill roles with the highest quality talent available, minimizing reliance on third-party agencies. 

Agile RPO is one of Alvarium Talent's corservices. Our other three being:


Advisory and Transformation

Expert-led insight and advisory that allows consultancies to outperform with a best-in-class talent strategy.


Executive and Specialist Search

Retained expertise delivering highly targeted senior talent for hard-to-fill consultancy roles.



Our innovative contingent recruitment solutions that go beyond the traditional agency model.

How can we help you? 

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